Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Farewell brother Terry....for now.

Well, I am saddened to report what everybody probably knows by now-bro. Terry Lawson has went on to be with our Savior. His battle with cancer was short-lived, and I guess that God wanted him to be reunited with his wife Mrs. Wilda, who passed away three years ago. Brother Terry isn't limited to what his body will allow, nor is he limited to our tiny knowledge of God now. I look forward to seeing him again!! So, farewell bro. Terry for now, we'll miss you but we look with eagerness to the time we meet again!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Urgent prayer need

I have some bad news to share. Brother Terry Lawson, pastor at Sageeyah Baptist Church has been diagnosed with cancer. I do not know many details but I want you all to pray for bro. Terry. Terry has such a heart for the lost and for youth. He is an inspiration to me and my ministry and I value his friendship dearly. I know that we serve a God that can heal him and make him whole again and that is my prayer. Jesus said that if we have faith just the size of a mustard seed, then He would do great and mighty things. Well, I have that faith and I ask in Jesus' name that he would move this mountain for Terry.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey everybody! Look for us in the Claremore Christmas Parade tonight!! It starts about 6:00PM and runs main st. in Claremore!! C'mon out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Homeless Teen

Hi, I am the homeless teen. You probably don’t relate to me or don’t understand me, but I am somebody. A somebody that has been looked down upon, a somebody that maybe doesn’t measure up to people’s standards, a somebody that has been through the fire, a somebody that doesn’t have a home, but I am a somebody.

I need love/nurturing/comfort/hope/help/chastening/hugs/Jesus/
God/salvation/teaching. Did I mention love?

I am

too something it seems…

When I get in trouble, I need discipline. When I am lonely, I need a friend. When I am sick, I need a doctor. When my friends let me down, I need a dad to take me fishing. When I feel like I don’t fit in, I need understanding. When my clothes are worn out, I need a mom to take me shopping-even at Goodwill. When life gets too tough, I need a grandpa or grandma-they always understand. I need a loving family. Above all, I need God, but I have been told so many things about God, how do I separate truth from lies? Will you help me know God? Do you care? Are you out there? Anybody?

The homeless teen by:

Jeff Smith

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Left to right: Kimmi, Kendall, and James!

Well last Sunday night Bro. Charles had the extreme priviledge to baptize 2 from On The Edge youth group and one from our Special Adult class! I am so proud of all three! While baptism is important, it is simply the outward expression of what Jesus has already done for us!! He died and rose again for us, because of us, because of me, because of my sin. The moment that I turned to Him, He reached down and lifted me out of a destination for a fiery hell. Please pray for the brand new Christians and pray for me as I continue to just be overjoyed in the Lord!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Come to church tonight!

Hey everyone,
A Claremore High School student lost her life yesterday suddenly. Shelby King collapsed in class and later passed away at Claremore Regional Hospital. While she wasn't a member at New Life, this tragedy hits too close to home. I cannot and will not try to explain why a 17 year old child suddenly dies but I do know that we serve a God that is kind, caring, compassionate, and merciful and He will help get everyone through this heavy and difficult time. We have to be ready for whatever happens and that includes being ready to pass from this temporary life to an eternal life either filled with our Lord Jesus, or one without God. I want every student that has ever been at New Life to come to church tonight. It's that important!It's that urgent!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

test post.....